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Team Staff

The R&D department is the backbone of our production of air conditioning and cooling products. It is a highly dynamic and active department, continuously innovating and putting out new, exciting air conditioning units and cooling products. We have assembled a team of highly skilled individuals in order to meet and exceed the demands of our customers and optimize their experience.

Here you will meet some of our highly valued staff members.

Xie Fengqi graduated from China University of Petroleum as Bachelor of Engineering. He serves as a quality assurance engineer, head of quality inspection department as well as the pressure vessel department. He has dedicated himself to the study of pressure vessel design. He has significant accomplishments through his 26-year work experience.
1. Since starting work in 1991, he has made contributions to Shandong Hualu-Hengsheng Chemical Co., Ltd., Shandong Haihua Group Co., Ltd., Dezhou Petrochemical General Plant, Luxi Group Co., Ltd., Yangquan Chlor-alkali Plant, Shandong Deqilong Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Mingshui-Dhua Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Beafar Group Co., Ltd., Yangquan Coking Group Co., Ltd. and many other companies.
2. Patent for utility models, ‘A New Corrosion Resistant Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger', is accredited by the state intellectual property office in 2014.
3. Patent for utility models, ‘Central Air Conditioner Thermoregulation Device', is accredited by the state intellectual property office in 2011.

Ren Huanlin graduated from Shanghai Machinery College in 1993 as Bachelor of Engineering. Majoring in engineering thermophysics, he has rich experience in air conditioning and heating and ventilation fields. He has served as a project design executive, product manager, senior engineer, chief designer and chief engineer in the Refrigeration Unit and Boiler Design department in Wuxi Boiler Factory, Refrigeration Unit Design department in York (Wuxi) Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., Guangdong Jirong Air-conditioning Co., Ltd, Bitzer Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd., and so forth.

Yu Qingbin is graduated from Xinhua University. Since he started working in 1964, he was hired by Tianjin Kangdi Air Conditioning Equipment Co., Ltd., to work in Tianjin Room Equipment Factory, the former Tianjin Electrician Machinery Equipment Factory. After that, he was hired by Dezhou Yatai Air-conditioner Group (Tianjin) to work as the engineering director in Tianjin Kaili Co., Ltd. and was in charge of building a technical team and project bidding, design, budgeting and construction. Then he was also hired by Dun'an Central Air-conditioner Researcher Institute as chief engineer of the machine room project.

Zhao Hongbo, Bachelor of Engineering, graduated from Shandong Engineering and Management College. Since he started working in 1993, he has served as the machinery design section chief, inspection chief, chief engineer, business unit chief, deputy secretary of air conditioner design department in Dezhou Tongli Industrial Co., Ltd., Dezhou Changhong Machinery Co., Ltd., Dezhou Jing'ao Solar Energy Co., Ltd., Dezhou Yatai Group Co., Ltd. and Shandong Grad Group Co., Ltd. He has also served as technical director at Ruidong Group Co. During his service, he has long been committed to technical work. He has obtained 4 certificates of Patent for Utility Models. He has published 5 papers in national and provincial magazines. He has obtained the certificate of national registered first-class construction engineer and has served as a senior engineer.

Liu Jianlong, mechatronic engineering major, obtained a master's degree from North China University of Technology. After graduation in 2008, he served as principal electrical engineer of the central air-conditioner product development and design at Qinghua Tongfang Artificial Environment Co., Ltd. During his service there, he was in charge of the energy saving product development which was applied in Beijing Line 9 Metro Project, Peking University Olympic Venues, Changjiang Luxury Cruise Ship and other key projects. Now he works at Ruidong Group, striving for the development and application of energy saving products. Project application covers industrial, agriculture, petroleum, medicine and so forth. Currently, he is in charge of the following projects, including R&D of centrifugal water source heat pumps, systematic solutions for agricultural planting air-conditioner energy efficiency, development of central air-conditioner energy saving control systems based on Internet applications and so forth.