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Pre-sale service

1. We provide refrigeration project planning and system requirement analysis in order to develop complete engineering design schemes.
2. Through close cooperation with clients, we fully consider the software categories for the system needed based on the system performance and its functional structure.
3. We provide refrigeration equipment technology consulting services for our clients.
4. We will assign professional technicians and businessmen to communicate with clients about technologies involved. During the whole bid process, our staff will provide the performance, features, conceptual design drawings and various relevant parameters of products.

On-purchase service

1. After the contract is signed, we will compile relevant technical agreements and supplement, improve and refine it based on buyer's technical specifications. We will attach the technical agreement to the order contract once the buyer approves.
2. After the signing of the technical agreement, we will submit a standard inventory of the design, manufacture, assembly, installation, adjustment, acceptance, test, operation and maintenance of equipment to buyers within the shortest possible time.
3. After the signing, we will immediately send 2-3 professional technicians to perform construction drawing designs. According to the base design documents provided by demanders, we will provide relevant inventory and technical materials of products and make sure to pass the buyer's verification and make it as the output file of equipment manufacture.
4. We will provide all technical materials and drawings for buyers according to the contract. The buyers will be invited to participate in the design review.
5. The minutes of meeting and signed agreement by supply and demand sides will be strictly enforced.
6. For the buyer selected whole set of equipment relevant to contract, we will initiatively provide technical specifications and materials that satisfy device interface requirements.
7. During the design process, we closely cooperate with designing institutes to optimize the drawing design, so as to guarantee the success of design projects.
8. We take full responsibilities for any problem created by sub-contractor's supply, quality, equipment performance and technical interface service. For the critical components, sub-contractors must be evaluated as qualified and accepted by buyers.
9. According to contract, we will provide standards and drawings to relevant construction supervisors. In addition, we will inform buyers and supervisor representatives in advance about the check points within the schedule time to bring convenience for supervisors.
10. We will not hide the quality defects of the equipment during the manufacture process from buyers and supervisors.
11. During the manufacture process, we will do our best to cooperate with drawing review, product supervision, inspection and acceptance, in order to make sure the work is carried out in an orderly way before delivery.
12. Product manufacture, and testing and inspection of materials and products are strictly executed according to relevant standards. Routine inspections, manual operation tests and acceptance tests should accord with technical specifications.
13. Inspection and acceptance-delivery inspection. After the completion of the whole manufacture, inspection & testing, and all the materials are prepared and disqualified items are closed according to quality assurance program, we will send written delivery inspection invitation to buyers. Delivery inspection is proceeded according to delivery inspection outline composed by buyers, which accords with the contract and relevant technical requirements and receives acceptance from both sides.
14. Within the duration of contract, we will provide technical guidance and services relevant to contract for installation, debugging, operation, maintenance and quality inspection to meet the buyer's demands. We will spare no efforts to provide files, technical support, advice and onsite supervision services and we take responsibilities for the validity of provided technical guidance and technical files and the quality of onsite supervision services.
15. Within guaranteed period, we will offer replacement parts and products, build-for-purpose tools and necessary replaced parts within service life for free. We will send representatives for onsite technical service according to buyer's request, so as to guide buyers or buyer's contractor for equipment installation, debugging and the manufacture quality problems during such periods. The technicians that we send for onsite service are experienced, healthy and qualified staff. Buyers have rights to ask for replacing the disqualified onsite technicians and sellers should re-send qualified technicians to meet onsite requirements.

After-sale service

Ruidong Group Limited Liability Company (Dezhou, Shandong) has a sufficient component inventory and experienced after-sale service technicians. We can quickly respond to any breakdown by sending our technicians for onsite troubleshooting.

We provide free after-sale quality assurance service within 1 year and lifelong paid services for our air conditioner system components. Spare parts are provided at favorable prices and are guaranteed to run safely and reliably during the service life.

We pledge to deliver the requested equipment to clients according to the date of delivery.