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Fan Coil Unit

Fan coil units consist of a heating and/or cooling heat exchanger or coil and fan. It is only a small part of HVAC systems used in residential, industrial and commercial buildings, and is used to control temperature in a specific space. Because of their simple and flexible nature, fan coil units are more economical in terms of installation than air duct or central heating systems that are equipped with an air handling unit. The unit is controlled by a manual on/off switch, or a thermostat that controls the water flow to the heat exchanger by using a control valve or specific fan speed.

    1. Concealed Fan Coil Unit Heating capacity refers to the value of heating inflow water at a temperature of 60℃, temperature difference between inlet and outlet at 5℃, temperature of inlet air at DB=21℃, and the same water flow as cooling case.
    1. Floor Mounted Fan Coil UnitInstallation options include vertical and horizontal types, with the left and right water pipe heads able to be freely changed. Refrigeration is regional with 6 different air flow moving methods.
    1. 4-Way Cassette Fan Coil UnitNo water pump, natural drainage and stable operation. The electric control panel does not easily become damaged. 4-way air flow so that the temperature is evenly distributed throughout the room.
    1. 1-Way Cassette Fan Coil UnitWall mounted fan coil units are widely used as air conditioner combinations in multiple rooms or large spaces in industrial and civil buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, factories, hospitals, galleries, malls, and office buildings in order to meet building cooling, heating and ventilation requirements.