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Commercial Air Conditioner

Ruidong is one of China's leaders in highly advanced, energy efficient commercial air conditioner systems. These cooling units are designed for large-scale jobs in large commercial operations like schools, restaurants, healthcare facilities, and malls. Keep your workers, customers, patients, etc. cool using Ruidong commercial air conditioners.

    1. Rooftop Packaged Unit, 20kW-200kWThe rooftop heating and cooling unit does not need a specialized room for installation. New air vents can be set up as fresh air volume can be manually adjusted and the pre-filter section can also be configured according to the client’s requirements.
    1. Ducted Split Unit, 21kW-80kWWe provide various types of rooftop split air conditioning units for different specifications to meet various domestic or commercial demands. We devote ourselves to provide a comfortable and pleasant environment for our clients.
    1. VRV Air Conditioner, 25.2kW-200kWThis 25.2kW-200kW air conditioning system with variable refrigerant volume is designed for home and commercial use. The equipment can cool large homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, and many other sizable structures.
    1. Edible Mushroom Planting UnitThe corrosion resistant air conditioner features a high-quality pure titanium industrial heat exchanger to withstand adverse conditions, particularly in the presence of brackish water, acid, and alkaline liquids.
    1. Dehumidifier Unit, 5kW-200kW The dehumidifier unit is for humidity control often used in conjunction with refrigeration or air conditioning units. These dehumidifiers are particularly useful in textile production, food processing, server farms, and libraries.
    1. Closed Loop Water Source Heat Pump, 2.6kW-40kW As for new buildings, the cooling water main pipe and preserved branch pipe of loop water source heat pump can be first installed. Developers can allocate, purchase and install heat pumps before residences move in the house according to the actual utilization, thus reducing the burden of initial investment.