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Axial Flow Fan

An axial fan is a compressor that increases air pressure flowing through the fan. Axial flow fan blades force the air to move in a parallel manner into the shaft where the blades rotate, making sure the flow is axially in and out, in a linear manner. Ruidong offers a variety of axial flow fans, including industrial axial flow fans, transformer cooling axial flow fans, cold room axial flow fans, industrial tube axial flow fans, industrial axial ventilation fans, and industrial vane axial fans.

    1. Industrial Axial Flow FanApplications of the industrial axial flow fan include ventilation and air cooling systems in metallurgical and chemical industries, light industries, food industries, medicine and health industries, textile industries and more.
    1. Transformer Cooling Axial Flow FanDBF series exhaust fans are designed to match large and medium transformer oil coolers, and a DBF low noise transformer axial flow fan is designed to match transformer oil coolers where the environment temperature during operation does not exceed 65℃ and the altitude does not exceed 1000m.
    1. Cold Room Axial Flow FanThe cold room axial flow fan is highly efficient and versatile in usage. It is ideal for the requirements determined for multiple environments where the working conditions include a low temperature, such as low temperature cold storage rooms and defrosting warehouses.
    1. Industrial Tubeaxial FanThe industrial tubeaxial fans are widely used in factories, shops, workplaces, warehouses, civil buildings and other locations. These fans can also be installed in a series if located in a long air duct, in order to increase the air pressure within the duct.
    1. Industrial Axial Ventilation FanThe diameter ranges from 800mm to 2400mm, and the fan itself is divided into It is divided into 7 machine categories, including 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 and 24. The blast capacity ranges from 25000 to 200000 m3/h and the total pressure ranges from 350Pa to 500Pa. Specific A-weighting sound is less than 24Db(A).
    1. Industrial Vane Axial Fan Industrial vane axial fans are used for ventilation in a number of industries, including metallurgy, chemicals, food, medical equipment, mechanical equipment, factories, warehouses, offices, residential areas and more.