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Air Handling Unit

Air handling units, or air handlers, are tools used to regulate and circulate air in heating, ventilating or air condition systems. Most often, these systems are a large box that contain a blower, heating or cooling elements (depending on specific system needs), filter racks or filter chambers, sound attenuators and dampers. They are connected to a ductwork ventilation system, which then distributes the processed air throughout a building, then returns it to the air handler. At Ruidong, we offer a number of different types, including air heating and cooling units, ceiling mounted air cooling units, horizontal and vertical air cooling units, and a fresh air ventilation unit.

    1. Combined Type Air Handling UnitThey are most often used for air conditioning for comfort in offices, hotels, factories, sports facilities, hospitals, conference halls, computer labs, hospitals and a number of other locations.
    1. Ceiling Type Air Handling UnitClosed rolling bearings are used for the automatic adjusting center of gravity, automatic locking and push resistance. Pre-filling the lube oil ensures maintenance is not necessary during normal operating conditions.
    1. Horizontal Type Air Handling UnitHorizontal air cooling units are used for ventilation and refrigeration in a number of different building types, ranging from industrial shopping malls, to shopping malls and everything in between.
    1. Vertical Type Air Handling UnitClosed rolling bearings function as the automatic adjusting center of gravity, automatic locking and anti-pushing. Pre-filling of lube oil makes it unnecessary for maintenance in normal conditions.
    1. Fresh Air Ventilation UnitFresh air ventilation units are often used in meeting rooms, labs, office buildings, computer rooms, restaurants, shops and other fitness and entertainment places. There are a number of varieties available, making them suitable for just about any installation environment.